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VA Urgent Care Provider

VA offers an urgent care benefit that provides eligible Veterans with greater choice and access to timely, high-quality care. Urgent care providers treat injuries and illnesses that require immediate attention, but are not life-threatening. The benefit supplements care Veterans may also have access to at a VA medical facility.

When using the urgent care benefit, Veterans must go to an urgent care provider in VA’s network. Upon arriving, Veterans must state they are using their VA urgent care benefit.

Get Urgent Care

When arriving at an in-network urgent care provider, Veterans must:

  • Inform the provider they would like to use their VA urgent care benefit to receive care.
    Note: The urgent care provider will confirm the Veteran’s eligibility.
  • Ask and verify the urgent care provider is part of VA’s contracted network. The urgent care provider may have a sign posted that indicates they are part of VA’s contracted network.

If the provider is not part of VA’s contracted network, Veterans have several options:

  • Agree to pay the full cost of care and receive care immediately
  • Go to a different urgent care provider that is part of VA’s contracted network
  • Go to the nearest VA medical facility
  • Go to the nearest emergency department

The urgent care benefit also covers diagnostic services like X-rays, some lab testing and some medications (with notable limitations). Therapeutic vaccines are covered when these are required for the treatment of certain conditions covered under the urgent care benefit. With the exception of a flu shot, vaccines and other preventive care services are not covered through the urgent care benefit.

Veterans can call their local VA medical facility for more information.

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A VA staff member can advise the Veteran on available urgent care providers and may be able to advise them on whether they will be charged a copayment for the care.

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